среда, 6 июня 2012 г.

Europe was clamped in a vise

After the terrorist attacks in Europe, the Norwegian marked a sharp rise in far-right supporters sentiment. Thus, Breivik referred to the British Defence League group recruited into its ranks more than ten thousand young people.
The European Parliament is the policy of openly sharing views Breivik. The chairman of the French National Front Jean -Marie Le Pen today criticized the government of Norway, who, he said, naively did not realize the dangers of mass migration. What threatens the Old World Nazi solidarity?.
In those days, when the shares were held in Norway in memory of the victims of the massacre Nazi Breivik, MEP from the Italian nationalist party, ...
... That is 100 million people in Europe share his thoughts on the protection of the Christian population from the onslaught of Islam. Some of his notes, of course, call for violence, but some ideas are simply superb ...
Came a terrible scandal, Borghese had to apologize for his party - also. But in fact Borghese saying what, and so should of statistics and surveys. The right-wing ideas in Europe are more and more support, and right-wing parties - more places.
Generally, before the Second World War - the ultra-right were strong in France and in England, and Norway in the same. There Vidkun Quisling Nazi Party enjoyed significant popular support. A famous writer Knut Hamsun even sacrificed in favor of the German Nazis his Nobel Prize, received for his novel ...

The current revival of right-wing sentiment direct reflection of the failure of the policy of building a multicultural society. The collapse of this policy, recognized by all the major European leaders. Another five or seven years ago, Europe is happy to be migrants from African and Middle Eastern countries.
But this week the parliament seems to be a liberal Belgian unanimously banned the wearing of the veil. The penalty for violation - a week in prison.
A little earlier a similar ban was introduced in France. Switzerland voted to ban minarets built in the cities.
Europe is not carefully develops the right, but still a protective ideology. Because it turned out - like the European migrants to social security, European comfort, but they do not always want to become Europeans and share cultural values, and soon they may become more than the Europeans themselves.
The most popular name for newborn boys in Europe is Mohammed - says Vyacheslav Nikonov.
The conflict has already become an open. British Defense League - right Nazi party takes to the streets only a few thousand supporters. But the idea of right to have a lot of support. Poll 32 000 British voters showed that 44 percent agreed with the thesis about the dangers of Islam and its carriers for Western Civilization.
... And Europe's leaders should pay attention to the growth of right-wing sentiment, ...
Last fall, the scandal has shaken Germany. Board member of the Federal Bank Thilo Sarrazin published a book ... He was, of course, was fired, but it turned out that the book was sold out well Sarrazin.
Sometimes it does not need books to find examples of oddities in the migration policy. Rede Seyyad - he is suspected of having links with terrorists, that he carried out the recruitment of fighters from among the Germans converted to Islam, he called his son Jihad. It does not work, but receives a monthly allowance of 2300 euros and respectable lives in Berlin's Charlottenburg district.

Pan-European situation - as a vice: not too hard to rebuild policies on migrants, they have quite a lot, and they are united. On the other hand, it is impossible not to hear the discontent of the indigenous Europeans.

The problem and the fact that the more tightly on those and other authorities to act, the more severe reaction, they are risking.

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