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Semantic binding site in Yandex

Earlier, I thought, like many, that a change in content, and reference is adequate changes in the position of the site in crescent. However, about a year ago, somewhere in the apparent clear dependence on the specific sites specialized query engine. It looks like the site a high position in the issuance of this request without further reference or even without any additional changes to the content. T. e. Site perfume brand will stay high for the phrase ' Beauty ' and others like them, despite the fact that it would be entirely in flash and have no targeted links.

This is best seen on the websites of companies with related low-frequency group requests. In my case, for example ' hotels ' and ' guest house '. For a couple of sites attached request ' guest houses ', and no significant impact all subsequent actions will influence the position of the phrase ' hotel ' does not have. At the same time, on-demand ' guest houses ' websites to keep in perfect crescent at ever-lower support links, and content.

What is the advantage of this opening? .

What is the disadvantage? . T. e. certainly possible to achieve the displacement, but the subjective feelings of the database re-indexing does not happen very often. And it is easy to get such a wonderful effect as peretashnivanie when you push - push - to achieve results, and then shifting the anchor, and the search is already considered a number of links and content saturation peretashnivaniem. IMHO, I tend to think that it would be better to make a mirror for the new group requests.

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