среда, 30 мая 2012 г.

Mobile game will connect with the virtual reality with the help of wireless technology

Based in Chicago, the company Wi2P Entertainment offered a highly original game project called. Wi-Fi Army. , A mixture of reality and virtuality.
Wi-Fi Army involves the use of portable devices based on Google Android software platform. Participants will hunt down the game to each other in an urban environment with built- in cell phones and smartphones wireless controllers, Wi-Fi and GPS satellite navigation receivers. Location of one or more opponents will be displayed on Google Maps.
Before the beginning of the contest participants must be registered on the server Wi-Fi Army, and send their own photographs, which are then required to determine the winner. The game starts after both opponents give their consent. One of the participants, who can first ' hit ' the enemy, filmed it on a camera cell phone, to score points. At the same time the arrival of a slip, or will be established on the basis of comparative analysis of the images sent by the participants, and photographs, is available on the server, Wi-Fi Army.
Source:. Kompyulenta.

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